Missing You (Lyric Video)

The song Missing You is for all those who are missing someone special in their lives. When you can’t be with the one(s) you love, the feeling of loss can permeate, like background radiation, through every experience, even the joyous ones. Separation can be painful – but without love where would we be. This morning on my walk to work, thoughts of my wife Erika and our dog Bella filled my min.......

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Dance with the Angels

Dance with the Angels was written about an earlier time in my life when I was going through a separation, and was mired down in depression. I’ve always had faith that no matter how bad life gets, beauty and grace always surrounds us, if we just stay open to the present moment. That’s what it means to dance with the angels. We dance with life, because we never know where the journey will take u.......

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Judy’s Tiny Head – One Step Forward

In the 80’ and 90’s, I lived in Boston and play in a band called Judy’s Tiny Head. We released two EPs, which received quite a lot of air play in the Boston area. We even had a top 20 hit on college radio across the country. We were in the midst of recording our third album when the band broke up. One of my favorite cuts from those final sessions was a song called One Step Forward, which .......

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Filming of the Video Rust in Amsterdam

I can’t tell you how much I loved the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, where I have been blessed to meet some truly wonderful people. The culture and social life there is so varied and extensive, with great museums, restaurants and a ton of music festivals, that it’s impossible not to find something that inspires you. I find the atmosphere there is really conducive to writing and creating mu.......

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