Listen to Rust on Spotify

If you listen to music on Spotify and would enjoy listening to the new album on your favorite streaming device, there’s a small thing you can do that will be a big help to me: FOLLOW me on Spotify!

You can do so by just clicking on the “follow button” below. It’s as easy as that.

It really will be a huge help and I’ll send you an immediate boatload of loving kindness in return.

Note, that one of three things will happen when you click the follow: button:

  • If you are logged into Spotify, I will automatically be added to the list of artists you follow.
  • If you have a Spotify account, but are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
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Once I get to 250 followers, Spotify will “verify” my account, which opens up some cool possibilities for sharing my music with others. I’ll also be able to keep you updated whenever I release new songs or playlists.

New Playlist of Love Songs

While I’m waiting to get “verified” I am still going to continue to make my music available for free as much as possible. For example, I recently created a playlist of acoustic love songs, which is associated with my personal Spotify account. To listen to the playlist click on the image below.

The playlist includes several songs from the album Rust, mixed in with a host of other fantastic artists. It’s a great listen for first dates, a romantic evening at home, or lifting up your spirits on a quite rainy day. Hope you enjoy!