by Walter Price

On the surface, the recent imagery-heavy “lockdown baby” single, “Life Flows On”, from singer-songwriter Forrest Hill is a finger snappin’ folk-pop song to sing along to while the world turns. But it’s a bit more than this. The result of mediation and rooted in the frustrating realities that society has had to endure, navigate through, and, with a bit of luck, land mentally victorious on the other side of.

In a quote provided to the GTC, songwriter Forrest Hill speaks about this future post-pandemic playlist staple, “The chorus of the song is meant to remind me that we are free in every moment to set our hearts and minds to our highest intentions. I decided to add a very upbeat, stomp and holler style to the music to bring some levity to the lyrics.”

And we all flow on
Singing our victory songs
When the words have come and gone
Life flows on and on

We can’t live life without some pain
Nothing ever remains the same
One day you’re up, then you’re down
Winds of change will blow you round

This single confirms that feeling triumphant over adversity and darkness isn’t just for fairytales anymore. As a worldwide community, we’ve had so many challenges to wade through. Political idiocies, police brutality, racial inequality, and the pandemic, to name just a handful of strifes that could’ve destroyed us. But love, kindness, and communication will see us come together once again. And “Life Flows On” is just the anthem we need to soundtrack our journeys into a new world.

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