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Choice 5 for August

Forrest Hill brings decades of diverse music experience with the recording of his latest album, Shadowlight. This collection of very finely crafted, rootsy songs is highlighted by the tracks “Like a Fire” and “Circle of Life”.

Divide and Conquer Music ~ Matt Jensen

The recent release ShadowLight by Forrest Hill is one of those albums where you can tell how much thought and work was put into it. Hill fills this album with layers of instrumentation, but it never feels like he’s stuffing too much in. I loved how this album presented so many different approaches to a song, but it still felt cohesive. This is an album that I think plenty of people will appreciate. So, spread it around.... Highly recommended.

RootsTime.BE (Belgium)

De funky sound van zijn vroegere band zit ook nu nog in enkele tracks op “Shadowlight”, zoals bij “Cold Rain’s Coming”, “Still Crazy Over You”, “Real Thing” en “Free”. Daarnaast zijn er enkele knap gebrachte indie rockballads zoals opener “Everything Lost”, “Like A Fire” en “Birds Fly To Heaven”. Verder kunnen songs als “Circle Of Life”, “Anything Can Happen” of het aan Ben Folds’ pianoliedjes herinnerende “Let’s Fall Down” (te horen op bijgaande audio-video) als moderne en catchy popsongs omschreven worden. Het afsluitende liefdesliedje “One Better” hebben we hier nog niet vermeld, maar het blijkt bij nader inzien wel onze favoriete track te zijn op dit heel knappe album “Shadowlight” van deze Forrest Hill.

Vents Magazine ~ RJ Frometa

Shadowlight by Forrest Hill its more than an album, it’s a journey throughout time told through the chords of a guitar, the range of a singer and the lyrics of a songwriter. Many musicians claim to be influence by a certain number of genres, but only a few of them actually pull it off as good as Hill does on [ShadowLight] as he takes the best of Motown and Funk, and blends them together into memorable tunes.

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