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There’s a great accessibility to the songs [on ShadowLight], a concentrated effort at broader appeal through stylistic variance, a strong focus on melodic hooks and rich arrangements, which can be heard on standouts like “Circle Of Life”, “The Great Divide” and “Real Thing”. The songs, while very different between, have an overall magical common denominator which seems to connect them closely.

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[ShadowLight] finds Forrest Hill moving in a number of stylistic directions that, coupled with his lusher, more assured sound, lends an intellectual weightiness to the album that helps imbue it with greater resonance. Having beefed up the production and fleshed out the instrumentation, the sound is substantial, incorporating a host of acoustic and electric instruments, all lovingly swathed in a shimmering sheen of reverb.

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[Forrest Hill] has crafted an album sure to appeal to those enamored with the indie folk scene. It’s a bold, declarative statement that finds the Hill brimming with deserved confidence and assurance.

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Forrest Hill has a truly incredible sound. He’s honed his talent well and created a beautiful album. Any indie/folk rock fan should certainly give Shadowlight a listen. It’s true to every genre Hill incorporates while maintaining a very specific flavor that is wholly his own, an impressive feat.

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