Dancing About Architecture ~ Dave Franklin

Forrest Hill proves to be one of those songwriters made in the classic mold, part pop infectiousness, part singer-songwriter intimacy, part 60’s folk revivalist, part…anything he chooses to turn his hand too really. In the same what that the likes of Neil Young and Paul Simon seemed to be bigger than any genre you try to fit them in, so Forrest Hill has that same chameleon-like quality.

Music Industry News Network, by Victoria Patterson 

Forrest Hill is an artist of talent, emotion, and flawlessness. ...The music is fun, with quintessential 70’s elements that immediately give it a retro sort of vibe. It has a nostalgic quality, but it isn’t overbearing. It immediately gave me very a Fitz and the Tantrums-type feel...

Beach Sloth

The melodies [on ShadowLight] are pitch perfect, lingering in the mind long after the songs have ended. The entire album works wonders coming together in a sweetly satisfying fashion. Reminiscent of the experimental folk frenzies of the Fleet Foxes, everything about it simply stuns.

Skope Magazine (singles review)

. . .Is sure to inspire the young mass with its interesting and fun-filled notes.

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