The Ratings Game (singles review)

Forest Hill’s “Still Crazy Over You” is unbelievable! Whether it’s the nostalgic vibes that are derived from the colorful instrumental, or the charming vocals laid down by Forest Hill, everything about the track gives off good vibes.....OVERALL RATINGS (5/5)

Beach Sloth (singles review)

Forrest Hill goes for a bluesy classic rock with the potent “Still Crazy Over You”. Vivid color reigns supreme over the casual coolness, from the joyous fanfare of the horns to the glistening keyboards. Guitars go for a funky disposition further emphasizing the sweetness of the sound and further adding to the rich tapestry of textures. Best of all are the playful lyrics which reveal in a tale of loss and yearning. All of this comes together into a satisfying whole while the album builds up with such grace and majesty.

Dancing About Architecture (singles review), by Dave Franklin

There is something wonderfully vaudeville at the heart of Still Crazy….that same musical hall heart which beat at the core of the likes of Randy Newman’s mercurial creations but also the jaunt of the 70’s blue-eyed R&B and a whole swath of classic singer-songwriters from the urban acoustica of Paul Simon to the genre-hopping Ben Folds.

50/50 Entertainment (singles review)

Indie Rock Artist Forrest Hill takes you on a journey of the heart with his new song STILL CRAZY OVER YOU.

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