1. Million Miles Forrest Hill 3:41
  2. New Horizons Forrest Hill 2:50
  3. Crazy Days Forrest Hill 3:25
  4. Perfect One Forrest Hill 3:25
  5. Nomads In Love Forrest Hill 3:53
  6. Floats Away Forrest Hill 4:49
  7. Sacred Ground Forrest Hill 4:05
  8. A Part of Me Forrest Hill 4:35
  9. Guardian Angel Forrest Hill 3:47
  10. Kiss Goodnight Forrest Hill 3:37
  11. River of Stars Forrest Hill 3:31
  12. Nomads In Love - Extended Play Forrest Hill 4:44

The Story

We recorded a number of the tracks on this album live, with a few overdubs. That’s unusual in this electronic age of music, but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. Million Miles is the first track off the album. I wrote this song to remind myself that freedom and happiness are just states of mind. The video below ws taken during one of our recording sessions for the album. I hope you enjoy!

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River Of Stars (2020)

Release Date : April 10, 2020
Artist : Forrest Hill
Genres : Adult Album Alternative, Alternative Indie Folk
Format : Digital Download